Over two years ago, after the then Nillumbik Shire Council invited developers to submit proposals for the old Shire Office site and War Memorial Buildings complex, Eltham Community Action Group started a petition against this inappropriate development. As the end of 2018 drew to a close, the petition containing well over two thousand signatures was presented to Nillumbik Shire Council.

At the same time, ECAG, with the support of interested and concerned locals, nominated the War Memorial Buildings for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register. Although the Council’s development process fell down and we now have a new council which is hopefully not so keen to hand over public land to developers, we feel it is very important that the buildings are properly protected for the future.

Following a disappointing recommendation by the Executive Director, during the COVID lockdown (looking at the buildings from outside on the pavement only) not to include them on the Register, it was a recommendation only, not a decision and on Wednesday 17 February 2021, the Heritage Council will conduct a hearing to determine whether the Eltham War Memorial Buildings will be included on the Heritage Register.

Ongoing local support can be helpful in demonstrating a community’s interest in potential heritage buildings. If you would like to see the War Memorial Buildings protected, please let us know below why they are important to you, why you consider them to be important.

We will present these comments to the Heritage Council in support of our request for the War Memorial Buildings to be included on the Register.

Eltham War Memorial Buildings

You can find more about the War Memorial Buildings here and here.