Eltham and Surrounds

Eltham Town began as a small bush settlement on Wurundjeri land, 25km north east of Melbourne’s CBD. Over time, that same bushland and sense of separation from urban sprawl has made Eltham, Shire of Nillumbik, an area famous for actively protecting its identity as a place where natural beauty, green spaces and cultural influences are as important as infrastructure and development.

While it has a village feel, the residents have demonstrated (in every sense) a strong environmental activism, with the lush native vegetation and shared tree canopy being key features of the area. Eltham sits on the edge of the Green Wedge, land set aside more than 50 years ago to preserve biodiversity and act as one of the ‘lungs of Melbourne’. For a city known as one of the worlds most liveable, this breathing space is vital.

People don’t just come here to shop, they come here to live. It’s an area which is home to creatives and thinkers, artists and builders, and families looking for the ‘tree change’ lifestyle.

Eltham is more than mudbrick buildings and tall trees. It is a community where love of place attracts festivals, markets, tourist events and a diverse range of people looking to connect to a unique part of Melbourne. Its ‘back to nature’ identity is thanks to the efforts of those of the past, and we continue their work to sustain its natural environment for future generations.