Eltham – We Love It

ECAG stands for the Eltham Community Action Group. We are a group of locals who are active in the Eltham Community, and we work to maintain its character.

The current Nillumbik Council Plan states:

“Residents feel connected to their local townships and have a strong sense of community. The community values and wants to protect the Green Wedge with its bushland environment, open spaces and artistic heritage”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Eltham has its local character thanks to locals. The things people love about living here didn’t just happen by accident. They are the result of decisions made by Council and residents, who have worked together to conserve the unique lifestyle this region has come to offer.

Change always happens, but not always for the good.

Things are about to change close to you.


Eltham Community Action Group (ECAG) – Aims and purposes

The Eltham Community Action Group (ECAG) consists of people who take an active interest in local planning issues and to seek to ensure that any major change reflects community values and the best of our unique Eltham character.

Eltham residents value the natural environment and open space, sustainable living, our cultural and artistic heritage, a strong sense of community and creative endeavour. Eltham is part of the transition between urban, city life and the quieter, rural Green Wedge of Nillumbik. Its character is defined by its semi-rural locale, its indigenous vegetation including canopy trees and buildings that remaining secondary to the landscape.

Eltham’s character is also defined by a rich architectural heritage. It encompasses modest settler cottages, iconic Montsalvat and award-winning Eltham library, through to its world renowned mudbrick buildings.

ECAG pursues its purposes by various means including:

• Keeping up to date with development proposals

• Discussing proposals with developers, councillors and council officers

• Disseminating information to interested people and the general public

• Providing advice to affected residents

• Preparing objections and appeals to council and VCAT

We aim to act as custodians of the past and trustees for future generations.