Planning Issues – What we’re watching and some wins!

15 March 2023

1. Arthur St, Dudley St development. 40 dwellings, 3 commercial tenancies proposed. Council refused the application w/c 13/03/2023 (updated 16 March 2023)
2. 2 Tanya Way / Stanhope St. ECAG Objection submitted. Council Refused Application. A win! VCAT (Feb 2023) upheld Council’s decision and refused a permit.
3. 11 Vine St. VCAT hearing February 2023. ECAG Objection submitted. VCAT approved the development despite the member not visiting the site.
4. Kirwin Avenue. 2nd dwelling – 26 objections. Going to VCAT on 31/3.
5. 13 Grey St advertised again…ECAG objected plus residents. Unfortunately, Council approved it. Neighbour taking it to VCAT.
6. 45 Luck St advertised 3 dwellings. ECAG objected. Council refused application in December.
7. 8 Bird St. VCAT 23/24 November. ECAG appeared at VCAT but developer wins.
8. 16 Taylor St. Developer applied straight to VCAT for amendment !!! Now wants eight dwellings! One day VCAT hearing in June.
9. 28 Taylor St. Council refused application.

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