The New Eltham Gateway – Help a community driven project of renewal succeed

19 July 2022

When the Fitzsimmons Lane roundabout was removed many thought the feeling of ‘coming’ home through to Eltham was gone forever.


The people who objected to that work came up with a proposal to ‘renew’ publicly owned land to create a new entrance. Discussions were had with Major Roads Projects Victoria, Council and Vicki Ward MP who conducted a survey of residents to see what people would like to form a new Gateway entrance into Eltham.

The site is Main Road near the bridge over the Diamond Creek, from Falkiner Street, around the flower seller to the bridge and on the other side of the road, from Eltham Lower Park to the bridge.

Vicki Ward’s survey found that people basically wanted ‘green vegetation, some seating and art’:

Site A to be a green and natural space of indigenous plants with a simple path & a few seats for passive enjoyment of a revegetated ecological sensitive part of the habitat link along the Diamond Creek. Currently, although being green, a botanical survey showed it to be a 2/3 weedy patch!

Site B to be landscaped with trees and bushes leaving the flower seller’s lease site as it is.

Site C was considered to be the best location for an artwork with a theme influenced by Aboriginal history/culture, indigenous flora & fauna.


Nillumbik Council has called for public comment on a concept masterplan that follows the community survey ideas for sites B & C.


However their concept design for site A contains far more activated features than initially proposed by the community, meaning the environmental benefit for the habitat link will be lessened.


Make known your opinions on the concept design and it may be amended!

You can by August Wednesday 3rd


Comment by a survey respondent last year:

“A great initiative and hopefully we can work together to create something we can be proud of”

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