Temporary and Community Advertising Policy

21 April 2020

Public submissions close Wednesday 29nd April – 11.59pm

Do you want Eltham’s entrance and town centre to look like any commercial stretch in any suburb, covered with advertising along Main Road from the Fitzsimons Lane roundabout through the Town Centre?

ECAG expressed concern, when objecting recently to the permit application for the flagpoles and banners in Eltham, that there appeared to be a conflict between one department section pushing for the permit ie Economic Development, whilst it was clearly not backed up by another department section undertaking Planning Scheme policy and decisions.

The permit was granted so we can see which section’s arguments won!

Now again the same conflict is at play with this draft policy.

Nillumbik has not so far suffered from a proliferation of advertising and signage.

If this policy is approved that will change.

This proposed change will be so dramatic that three councillors: Perkins, Brooker and Dumaresq, pleaded with residents at the recent council meeting (via video) to read the draft and give council feedback. Another Cr mentioned that some issues ‘may be contentious.’

If you value our relatively signage free town, please read and respond


Yes, same day as the Draft Eltham Activity Centre Structure Plan!

What you could see: up to TWENTY FIVE community advertising signs in Eltham.

Up to TWENTY TWO of these signs would be along Main Road between Fitzsimons Lane and Wattletree Road! Plus A Frames!

We can give you more information but this newsletter is long enough now – the policy is not too long to read and has visual information – if you want more information to answer Council’s pro forma submission, do contact us giving your contact details and we will try to answer your questions!

Do read the short draft policy and tell council ‘No.’

Both the policy and a proforma submission form can be found at https://participate.nillumbik.vic.gov.au/signage

You can also use you own words and email to [email protected]

It is REALLY important that residents send in their thoughts at this time.

The process where residents who have made a submission could also attend and speak to Council at a Future Nillumbik meeting were normally held before Council makes a decision but they have been put on hold because of COVID19. You can however still contact any Councillor directly:

Councillor Contact Details
Jane Ashton 0409 177 500 [email protected]
Grant Brooker 0427 207 819 [email protected]
Peter Clarke 0401 100 141 [email protected]
John Dumaresq 0439 556 733 [email protected]
Karen Egan 0408 058 899 [email protected]
Peter Perkins 0437 455 064 [email protected]
Bruce Ranken 0402 384 006 [email protected]

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