The history behind the story

23 November 2018

You may have seen a couple of new Nillumbik Shire Council signs up around the Old Shire Office site this week. Although, even if you pass there regularly, you’ll be forgiven for not noticing them. As you can see in this photo, just to the left of the Shillinglaw Trees, they are not exactly prominently positioned to attract attention. Who knows, maybe they have been tucked away so few people will notice them?

Perhaps unfortunately for Nillumbik Shire Council, as they probably should have realised during the proposed land sales earlier this year, Eltham residents do tend to notice things, especially when it comes to council planning to sell or develop public land.

If you have noticed the signs and have had the opportunity to take a closer look, you’ll have read ‘The story behind 895 and 903-907 Main Road, Eltham‘. On reflection, ‘story’ is probably a more accurate word than if they had chosen to call it the ‘history’. The signs show a lot of cherry-picking of the history of the two sites occurred to create a story that suits council’s agenda. In our corrections to council’s story, we give you, in red, the facts that council left out.


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