Keeping Eltham Evergreen

4 September 2018

Tree-planting and re-vegetating public space in Eltham’s town centre.

Eltham’s trees rejuvenate us. They make us healthier, happier and more productive. They are also a part of our cultural identity, as a shire with a history of environmental activism. However, with medium-density development in the town centre, trees on private land are at risk. Our project aims to plant 265 native trees and vegetation in public spaces to ensure the beauty of our leafy surroundings continue to be enjoyed by current and future generations. We will collaborate with Council to vegetate traffic islands, nature-strips and available public space.

The Eltham community is experiencing considerable change to their town centre. The construction of apartments and consequential loss of significant amounts of vegetation is leading to high levels of anxiety within a community that is culturally connected to the natural environment. This project aims to provide emotional and psychological benefits to the people of Eltham by keeping Eltham evergreen. At the same time, the project works at improving air quality and reducing the heat island effect as increasing numbers of people work and live in the Eltham town centre.


Pick-My-Project (PMP)

Pick-My-Project is a Victorian first community grants initiative, with $2 million available to fund local projects in the NE Melbourne region. In August, Victorians will be able to vote for their three favourite projects and make their community an even better place to live.

Please share with family and friends and consider voting for this project.

Vote between 13 Aug and 17 Sept at:

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