Council proposes development of the Old Shire Office site and War Memorial Buildings (including the kindergarten)

5 July 2018

It appears that Council is hoping to sell off at least part of this land, possibly to enable construction on part or all of it. There seem to be several possible scenarios, however the baseline is that they want to redevelop the sites. Apparently different levels of commercial involvement are being entertained, the most extreme and of highest financial outcome to council, is a 5 storey commercial enterprise, a hotel being one suggestion mooted. This could be a five storey building above the level of Main Road.

Although ‘key stakeholder’ groups eg Eltham District Historical Society, RSL, Senior Citizens, Pre-school and ECAG all met with a council officer earlier this year, ‘community engagement’ with the broader community in regard to desired uses, expected in June/July, has yet to take place. We are told this will involve drop in sessions plus the opportunity for formal submissions. ECAG has gathered feedback from residents at several community functions and passed this on to council. We look forward to the council’s proposed ‘extensive community engagement process’ with interest.

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