Five storey buildings on Arthur and Dudley Street?

5 July 2018

When developers put in a planning application back in 2016 for two five storey buildings to be built in Arthur and Dudley Streets, over 360 objections were made to Nillumbik Shire Council.

The developer, G3 Projects Pty Ltd, is now taking Nillumbik Shire Council to VCAT for failure to grant a planning permit under section 79 Planning and Environment Act 1987 (which means a timeline was not met by the Council).

The planning application we objected to proposed that the five storey buildings be built from 25 Dudley Street, along the lower side of Circulatory Road to Arthur Street which would produce a visual ‘wall’ across the hillside affecting the views for many residents.

All vegetation on the site was proposed to be removed, that’s 26 trees including six yellow box eucalypts over 50 years old. The proposal uses 100% of the land for the buildings apart from the laneway so simply no room for landscaping.

The developers asked for a waiver of 20 car spaces for the retail section and 21 for the office space (41 in total).There will be 95 spaces for the residential section using triple decker mechanical car stackers. There is no allowance for visitor parking for the apartments.

Amended plans exist but have not been advertised or made public. VCAT ruled at the practice day hearing on Friday July 6th that the developer is to send any amended plans to the groups presenting at VCAT before the compulsory conference, to be used for discussion purposes.

We believe that such a dense development does not belong in Eltham and ECAG will be attending the compulsory conference which is scheduled for 17 August and the final hearing from 1-5 October.

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