18 Panther Place – The Eltham Oval Pavillion

5 July 2018

Recently, Nillumbik Shire Council advertised plans to extend the Eltham Oval Pavilion. The existing Pavilion sits on the north-west edge of the oval, against a backdrop of native vegetation. The Eltham Community Action group (ECAG) felt it was important that the proposed colours and materials selected for the building be sympathetic to, and harmonious with, the natural setting. Thus, ECAG objected to the proposed colours and materials and in particular ECAG objected to the “Intensity Flame Gloss” red and the light-coloured roof which would be highly reflective and visible from across the oval. ECAG also objected to the entrance of the public toilets being located immediately outside the building’s admin entry, which is to be utilised by the Football Club, as well as U3A.

The Council responded positively to ECAG’s objections and ECAG was able to negotiate the substitution of timber cladding for the some of the fibre cement sheet, a dark roof for the light one and the replacement of the bright red “Intensity Flame Gloss” with “Manor Red” (a richer, darker red/brown). Council also agreed to relocate the public toilet doors around the corner from the main entrance to the building. The drawings below show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ south and west elevations.




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